Jehan Alain (19111940)

L'Œuvres d'Orgue 1

für: Orgel


Autor/KomponistJehan Alain
HerausgeberMarie Claire Alain
Umfang36 Seiten
Verlag/HerstellerAlphonse Leduc Éditions Musicales
Hersteller-Nr.AL 20091
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First of a series of three tomes by Jehan Alain , The Organ Work - Tome 1 is a set of two pieces in three parts each. For upper intermediate players and above, this first tome is quite difficult, with fairly fast movements that also feature the use of pedals.

This first tome includes: I. Suite (Introduction et Variations JA 69, Scherzo JA 70 and Choral JA 82) II. Trois danses JA 120 (Joie, Deuils JA 120 bis and Luttes) The second tome consists of seven pieces while the third tome is the biggest with a total of fourteen.

Jehan Alain is a French organist who became famous with his Suite for Organ. Student of Marcel Dupré and Roger Ducasse, among others, he kept composing all hislife. One of his most famous international pieces is 'Litanies'.


  • Suite
  • Introduction et variation JA69
  • Scherzo JA70
  • Choral JA82
  • 3 danses JA120
  • Joies
  • Deuils JA120 bis
  • Luttes