Per-Gunnar Alldahl (*1943)

Choral Intonation


The essential about choral intonation – stay in tune!

für: Chor

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Autor/KomponistPer-Gunnar Alldahl
Verlag/HerstellerCarl Gehrmans Musikförlag
Hersteller-Nr.GEHRMAN 11270
33,70 €
Lieferzeit: 2–3 Arbeitstage (Deutschland )
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Why is it so hard to keep in tune when singing in a choir? Why does the chord sound false? What are melodic and harmonic intonations? What are large and small whole tones? Are not all semitones equal in size? How does one differentiate between F sharp and G flat? Can the piano be put to a wrong use? CHORAL INTONATION gives answers to such questions – and contains in addition other practical tips on how one can get the choir to intonate with awareness.