Johann Sebastian Bach (16851750)

Two Part Inventions and Other Masterworks

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Autor/KomponistJohann Sebastian Bach
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Aside from the satisfaction players will get from duet playing, they are a very powerful teaching tool! Students and even professionals can gain tremendous benefit from the demand in duet playing for synchronization, intonation, blending dynamically and alternately following and leading. These are time-honored essential qualities for musical artistry.

This great attention to detail in its most transparent musical situation, i.e. two-part writing or duets can accelerate the learning process and even afford the players access to musical epiphanies that can transform their performances in larger orchestral situations.


  • Minuet In A Minor
  • Invention #4 D Minor
  • Minuet In F Major
  • Minuet #3 In D Minor
  • Gavotte In G Minor
  • Minuet In D Minor
  • Gavotte In E Flat Major
  • Minuet In E Major
  • Minuet In C Minor