Belter's Book Of Comedy Songs (Second Edition)

für: Singstimme, Klavier

Verlag/HerstellerHal Leonard
Hersteller-Nr.HL 740126
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  • Adelaide's Lament
  • Ain't There Anyone Here For Love
  • Always A Bridesmaid
  • Always True To You In My Fashion
  • Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry
  • Bewitched
  • Dance Ten Looks Three
  • Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
  • Doin' What Comes Natur'Lly
  • Don't Call Me Trailer Trash
  • Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind
  • A Guy What Takes His Time
  • Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm
  • Heads Or Tails
  • The Hostess With The Mosters' On The Ball
  • I Can't Say No
  • It Ain't Etiquette
  • Last One Picked
  • Miss Marmelstein
  • My New Philosophy
  • Nobody Makes A Pass At Me
  • One Hundred Easy Ways To Lose A Man
  • Satin And Silk
  • The Secret Service
  • Shy
  • Special
  • Stepsisters' Lament
  • Take Back Your Mink
  • Teaching Third Grade
  • A Trip To The Library
  • We Deserve Each Other
  • Whatever Happened To My Part
  • When You Got It Flaunt It
  • You Can't Get A Man With A Gun