John Bertalot (*1931)

How to be a successful Choir Director

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Autor/KomponistJohn Bertalot
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How to be a Successful Choir Director is the distillation of the author's experience of training choirs over half a century. John Bertalot has applied his techniques successfully in both England and America with church choirs large and small, amateur and professional. He addresses all the most common problems associated with choir direction and proposes easily understood and actioned solutions.

He covers everything from: punctuality, irregular attendance, musical standards, conducting, breathing, chattering, warm-ups, singing in tune, accompaniment, children's choirs, dealing with clergy, new music and so much more, all done with a lightness of touch, humour, and enormous enthusiasm. How to be a Successful Choir Director contains many practical suggestions that really work.


  • ​Punctu­ality
  • ​Irregular attendance
  • ​Musical standards
  • ​Conducting
  • ​Breathing
  • ​Chattering
  • ​Warm-ups
  • ​Singing in tune
  • ​Accompaniment
  • ​Children's choirs
  • ​Dealing with clergy
  • ​New music