Luigi Boccherini (17431805)

6 Trios op. 1 G 77-82

Opera Omnia - Vol. XXVII.I

für: 2 Violinen, Violoncello

Partitur (Hardcover)

Autor/KomponistLuigi Boccherini
HerausgeberChristian Speck
Sprachendeutsch, englisch, italienisch
Umfang184 Seiten; 23 × 30,5 cm
Verlag/HerstellerUT Orpheus Edizioni
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Editorial Committee: Theophil Antonicek, Sergio Durante, Ludwig Finscher, Roberto Illiano (Segr.), Miguel Ángel Marín, Fulvia Morabito, Rudolf Rasch, Luca Lévi Sala, Massimiliano Sala, Andrea Schiavina, Christian Speck (Pres.)

The present edition of Luigi Boccherini Opera Omnia aims at presenting the complete corpus of works composed by one of the most prominent and prolific European composers between 18th and 19th centuries: a scientific edition which will cater to the needs of both performers, who wish to play this music in keeping with period practice, and scholars with a musicological approach. Boccherini Opera Omnia is divided into 32 volumes (90 tomes) of music (9 of which will be dedicated to vocal music, 3 to opera and ballet production and 20 to instrumental works) and another 13 volumes dedicated to doubtful works, documents and iconography, letters and a thematic catalogue. The catalogue will be published as the final volume of the edition, when the fundamental work on the Boccherini’s sources will have been concluded; so, it will become the most complete and detailed reference point for those wishing to study the composer’s oeuvre. Works from each volume of the critical edition are also published in practical edition. Orchestral materials are available on hire.