Chantal Boulay, Dominique Millet

A Tempo 1 – Oral

1er cycle – 1ère année

für: Singstimme [Melodieinstrument]


Autor/KomponistChantal Boulay, Dominique Millet
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This series, with its clear, lively presentation, proposes varied styles of exercises, based on songs, folk music or excerpts from classical works... It follows the programme of a first 4-year cycle in musical training and is intended for both children and adults.

For each level, the pedagogical content is divided up into two volumes:

  • one volume for oral: singing, listening commentary, theory, note-readings, rhythm readings...,
  • one volume for the written: writing, dictations of notes and rhythms, theory exercises...

The two volumes (oral, written) are independent but can also be used jointly.