The Cambridge Companion to Film Music


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HerausgeberMervyn Cooke, Fiona Ford
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This wide-ranging and thought-provoking collection of specially-commissioned essays provides a uniquely comprehensive overview of the many and various ways in which music functions in film soundtracks. Citing examples from a variety of historical periods, genres and film industries - including those of the USA, UK, France, Italy, India and Japan - the book's contributors are all leading scholars and practitioners in the field. They engage, sometimes provocatively, with numerous stimulating aspects of the history, theory and practice of film music in a series of lively discussions which will appeal as much to newcomers to this fascinating subject as to seasoned film music aficionados. Innovative research and fresh interpretative perspectives are offered alongside practice-based accounts of the film composer's distinctive art, with examples cited from genres as contrasting as animation, the screen musical, film noir, Hollywood melodrama, the pop music and jazz film, documentary, period drama, horror, science fiction and the Western.

  • Will serve as a stimulating introduction to the field for newcomers, as well as offering fresh research and interpretative angles to those familiar with film music scholarship
  • Readers will acquire a comprehensive and holistic view of the subject in which the demands of working in the film industry inform our understanding of its musical practices
  • Includes a wide coverage of international film music practices, including the film industries of the USA, UK, Italy, France, India and Japan


  • Introduction Mervyn Cooke and Fiona Ford
  • Part I Making Film Music:
  • 1 Evolving practices for film music and sound, 1925–35 James Buhler and Hannah Lewis
  • 2 'Pictures that talk and sing': sound history and technology David Cooper
  • 3 The composer and the studio: Korngold and Warner Bros Ben Winters
  • 4 Can't buy me love? Economic imperatives and artistic achievements in the British pop music film Stephen Glynn
  • 5 'A film's first audience': the composer's role in film and television George Fenton in conversation with Mervyn Cooke
  • Part II Approaching Film Music:
  • 6 Film music theory Guido Heldt
  • 7 Studying film scores: working in archives and with living composers Kate Daubney
  • 8 Returning to Casablanca Peter Franklin
  • 9 Parental guidance advised? Mash-ups and mating penguins in Happy Feet Fiona Ford
  • 10 Materializing film music Miguel Mera
  • Part III Genre and Idiom:
  • 11 Film noir and music David Butler
  • 12 Another other history of jazz in the movies Krin Gabbard
  • 13 Horror and science fiction Stan Link
  • 14 The Western Robynn J Stilwell
  • 15 The music of screen musicals Caryl Flinn
  • 16 'Britannia - The Musical': scores, songs and soundtracks in British animation Paul Wells
  • Part IV Music in World Cinemas:
  • 17 Leone, Morricone and the Italian way to revisionist westerns Sergio Miceli
  • 18 Music, noise and silence in the late cinema of Jean-Luc Godard Danae Stefanou
  • 19 Hans Werner Henze and The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum Annette Davison
  • 20 Tōru Takemitsu's collaborations with Masahiro Shinoda: the music for Pale Flower, Samurai Spy and Ballad of Orin Tim Koozin
  • 21 Welcome to Kollywood: Tamil film music and popular culture in South India Mekala Padmanabhan