László Dobszay (19352011)

After Kodály


Reflections on Music Education


Autor/KomponistLászló Dobszay
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Verlag/HerstellerEditio Musica Budapest
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The title of the book, After Kodály has a dual meaning: it refers partly to the time that has passed away since Kodály's life-work was closed, and partly to the Kodályian roots of the personal thoughts of the author. This book is not a study on the fundamental methodology of teaching music, nor is it a step-by-step guide to the didactics of musicianship training. Rather, it summarises a wide scope of musical and philosophical foundations of the Kodály Concept of music education in a personal way.

It reflects on an unusual aspect of music teaching: instead of reviewing widely-known and accepted didactic and methodological tools and patterns, or basic pedagogical points, the author approaches the topic from a clearly musical aspect. In his view the person who teaches music should firstly be a musician not a virtuoso of 'methodological tricks'. He gives fundamental ideas to teachers to train themselves first before training their pupils.