Randall Faber, Nancy Faber (*1955)

Accelerated Piano Adventures 1 – Sightreading

Faber Piano Adventures®

für: Klavier

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Autor/KomponistRandall Faber, Nancy Faber
Umfang96 Seiten
Verlag/HerstellerHal Leonard
Hersteller-Nr.HL 00123496
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Designed with older beginners in mind, the Accelerated Piano Adventures course will have you sightreading in no time. Accelerated Piano Adventures: Sightreading - Book 1 includes five variations of each piece from the Accelerated Lesson Book 1, one for each day between lessons. Learning activities scattered throughout the book are helpful for building pattern recognition skills. Concepts covered in Accelerated Piano Adventures Sightreading: Book 1 include: fundamental rhythms (including eighth notes), all the notes of the grand staff, intervals and five-finger scale melodies in C and G.