Randall Faber, Nancy Faber (*1955)

Piano Adventures 2 – Theory

For the older beginner
Faber Piano Adventures®

für: Klavier

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Autor/KomponistRandall Faber, Nancy Faber
Umfang64 Seiten
Verlag/HerstellerHal Leonard
Hersteller-Nr.HL 00420253
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Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner is a piano method on discovery, creativity, and adventure through music making. This book - Theory 2 - supplements the Accelerated Piano Adventures – Lesson 2 , which is designed specifically for the older beginner. This book is divided into fifteen units, correlating to the fifteen units of the Lesson Book. Each unit provides valuable reinforcement of basic theory concepts through writing, sight-reading, and ear-training activities. Although the Theory Book is designed to be used in conjunction with the other books in the series, teachers will find that the creative, effective approach of this book will enhance instruction with many other piano methods as well.