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Stuart Feder

The Life of Charles Ives

Musical Lives

Autor/KomponistStuart Feder
Umfang214 Seiten; 14 × 21,6 cm
Verlag/HerstellerCambridge University Press


Charles Ives grew up in the nineteenth century and composed chiefly in the twentieth. His nostalgia for a simpler life in the New England country town of his youth is revealed in his frequent musical quotation of songs of that earlier time: parlor and patriot songs, hymns and gospel music. He had learned these songs early in his life through his father, a village bandmaster, who remained the most important influence in his life and music. Ives absorbed these influences within an innovative and modern musical style of composition. Stuart Feder's account of Ives's life clarifies the complexities of the man and his music, while his straightforward discussion of this uniquely autobiographical music in turn illuminates the narrative.

  • Places Ives in American musical culture in a lively manner
  • Considers music that illuminates the composer's biography in a non-technical manner
  • Considers features of the composer, such as the cult of masculinity at Yale and Ives's spirituality


  • 1 White city, green hills
  • 2 American arcady
  • 3 Memory and the greatest war
  • 4 Born in America
  • 5 The gilded age was the golden age
  • 6 Bright college years and dismal
  • 7 Manhood at Yale and beyond
  • 8 Giving up music - taking up business
  • 9 Ives in love
  • 10 The creative decade
  • 11 Trilogy
  • 12 World and cosmos
  • 13 Shadow and sunrise
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