John Ferguson (*1941)

Festliche Hymnen für Orgel, Blechbläser und Pauken – Set 2


für: 2 Trompeten, 2 Posaunen, Orgel, Pauken

Orgelpartitur, Stimmen

Autor/KomponistJohn Ferguson
Umfang20 Seiten; 21 × 30 cm
Verlag/HerstellerGia Publications
Hersteller-Nr.GIA 3748
32,10 €
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Talk about inspired and inspiring hymn singing and one name comes to mind—John Ferguson. Through his hymn festival, recordings, and his numerous hymn settings, Ferguson has put a moving and thrilling song in the mouths and hearts of so many. GIA is privileged to publish much of this exciting music, including these eight sets of arrangements for organ, brass, and timpani. Each set contains a score for organ and parts for brass quartet B or C trumpets, trombones—and timpani. The settings are intended to accompany the singing of the assembly from hymnals, but they often stand well on their own.


  • Ode to Joy
  • Christ Is the King
  • Jesus Christ Is Risen Today