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Vaughan Williams Studies


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This collection of essays on Vaughan Williams brings together leading British and American scholars and covers a wide range of topics and approaches, exploring musical language, cultural context, biography, manuscript sources and reception history. Despite Vaughan Williams' seminal importance in British music, international stature as a symphonist, and wider significance as an icon of Englishness, very little new research on his life or music has been published since the mid-1960s. The ten essays presented here examine diverse subjects such as the place of Vaughan Williams in the construction of English national identity this century, the role of rhythm in his symphonies, music for propaganda films, and his unpublished early orchestral pieces; major works such as the Tallis Fantasia and the Fifth Symphony are analysed in depth.

  • Contains substantial research on this seminal English composer
  • By drawing on interdisciplinary approaches, this book offers a fresh angle and broadens the scope of its appeal outside music
  • Deals with both familiar and less familiar aspects of Vaughan Williams' output


  • List of plates, Bibliographic abbreviations and score references
  • Preface
  • 1 Constructing Englishness in music: national character and the reception of Ralph Vaughan Williams Alain Frogley
  • 2 Coming of age: the earliest orchestral music of Ralph Vaughan Williams Michael Vaillancourt
  • 3 Vaughan Williams, Tallis and the Phantasy principle Anthony Pople
  • 4 Vaughan Williams, Germany, and the German tradition: a view from the letters Hugh Cobbe
  • 5 Scripture, Church, and culture: biblical texts in the works of Ralph Vaughan Williams Byron Adams
  • 6- Vaughan Williams's folksong transcriptions: a case of idealization? Julian Onderdonk
  • 7 Vaughan Williams and British wartime cinema Jeffrey Richards
  • 8 Rhythm in the symphonies: a preliminary investigation Lionel Pike
  • 9 'Symphony in D major': models and mutations Arnold Whittall
  • 10 The place of the Eighth among Vaughan Williams's symphonies Oliver Neighbour
  • Index of Vaughan Williams's works cited
  • Index of names