Paul Harris (*1955), Mike Brewer (*1944)

Improve Your Sight Singing

for low/medium-low voice
The complete Method for Choral and Solo Singers

für: Singstimme


Autor/KomponistPaul Harris, Mike Brewer
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Verlag/HerstellerFaber Music
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Whether you are a member of a choir, soloist, singer or instrumentalist the ability to sight-sing with accuracy is one of the most important musical skills. Does your sight-reading ever let you down? Have you ever wished for a quick and painless way to improve? This brilliant, practical method takes you smoothly through a wealth of structured material including: 10 carefully formulated stages Over 100 rhythmic and melodic exercises many pieces with hints and tips for preparation 20 'unprepared' pieces by well-known composers Optional piano accompaniments for the majority of pieces All this and questions and reminders to help you build a complete picture of each new piece, leading you towards sight-singing with real confidence. This is a complete and proven method that really works!

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