Jono Harrison, Tim Bennett-Hart, Ashley Hards

Rockschool Ukulele Method 1

Popular Ukulele For Beginners

für: Ukulele

Lehrbuch (mit Noten, Tabs und Akkordgriffen), online Audio

Autor/KomponistJono Harrison, Tim Bennett-Hart, Ashley Hards
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The Rockschool Ukulele Method books are the ideal introduction to Ukulele playing, designed with useful tools for teachers to work through the book with students, and also for anyone self-studying.

Book 1 takes readers from the initial approaches to playing Ukulele through to performing their first pieces with both left and right hands.

Ukulele Method Book 1 features:

  • Six benchmarked topics
  • Progressive structure preparing students towards Rockschool Ukulele Debut
  • Newly composed exercises, games and pieces
  • Teacher parts to accompany student pieces
  • Professionally recorded backing tracks
  • Contemporary music style


Ukulele Method Book 1 topics:

  • Topic 1 - Introduction
  • Topic 2 - First Pieces
  • Topic 3 - Using the Fretting Hand
  • Topic 4 - 4/4 Time Signature and First Chord
  • Topic 5 - Further Pitches and the ¾ time signature
  • Topic 6 - Further Pitches