Hans-Günter Heumann (*1955)

Piano Junior: Performance Book 3

A Creative and Interactive Piano Course for Children
with Online Access

für: Klavier

Notenbuch, online Audio

Autor/KomponistHans-Günter Heumann
Schwierigkeitsehr leicht
Umfang40 Seiten; 23 × 30,5 cm
Verlag/HerstellerSchott Music
Hersteller-Nr.ED 13833
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What is Piano Junior?

Piano Junior is a superb piano course for beginners. It's creative, it's interactive, it's colourful, it has its own website with additional online material – and most importantly, it really works! Its characters, PJ the friendly robot and his sidekick Mozart the dog, motivate and encourage children throughout each level. The course is available as core Lesson Books, along with supplementary Theory, Duet and Performance Books at each stage.

Who is Piano Junior for?

Suitable for children from around the age of 6, Piano Junior takes young students on their first steps and prepares them with a solid foundation for early grades.

A method for the digital age

Teachers, parents and students can visit www.piano-junior.com for demonstration videos and recordings, along with a host of other free downloadable resources which really bring practice sessions at home to life!


  • T.H. Bayly: Long, Long Ago
  • By the Light of the Moon
  • Kum Ba Yah
  • On Top of Old Smoky
  • Lavender's Blue
  • C. Czerny: Allegretto Op. 139, No. 7
  • For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
  • Auld Land Syne
  • A. Reinagle: Minuetto
  • J. G. Witthauer: Dance
  • J. Hook: Minuet
  • H.-G. Heumann: Let's Rock
  • H.-G. Heumann: Dance of the Octaves
  • The Bird's Wedding
  • A Man Stands in the Forest
  • J.-P. Clairs de Florian/ J. P. E. Martini: The Pleasure of Love
  • H.-G. Heumann: Scale Waltz
  • F. Beyer/ Arr. H.-G. Heumann: Scale Fun Op. 101, No. 65
  • L. van Beethoven: Turkish March
  • A. Dvorák: Largo
  • H.-G. Heumann: Bordun Variations
  • H.-G. Heumann: Basso Ostinato
  • L. Köhler: Piano Piece Op. 190, No. 31