Karl Jenkins (*1944)

Adiemus For Brass

Songs of Sanctuary

für: Brass Band

Partitur, Stimmen

Autor/KomponistKarl Jenkins
HerausgeberTony Small
Dauer5:45 Minuten
Verlag/HerstellerStudio Music London
47,22 €
Lieferzeit: 1–2 Wochen.
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Adiemus – Songs of Sanctuary is an extended choral-type work based on European tradition but where the vocal sound is more akin to 'ethnic' or 'world' music. Karl Jenkind ingenioulsy invented the language used in the entire Adiemus Project

This arrangement was written for Penclawdd Brass Band, and first performed in the presence of composer Karl Jenkins, the band's President. It uses two movements from the popular Songs of Sanctuary – Adiemus and Cantus Inequalis. It can be performed in its entirety or Adiemus on its own (terminating in bar 63) or, likewise, Cantus Inequalis (commencing at bar 64).


  • Adiemus
  • Cantus Inequalis