Louis Johnson (19552015)

Bass Master Class

The Master of Funk teaches you how to Thump!

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Autor/KomponistLouis Johnson
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For the first time, the legendary Louis Johnson "Star Licks" bass instruction videos are being made available in book format with online access to all the classic video footage. This package compiles Volumes I and II of the original Star Licks Master Classes into one bundle, giving you over an hour and a half of instruction, while the book contains transcriptions of every example played!

All music is written in both standard notation and tab. In these in-depth demonstrations, Louis "Thunder Thumbs" Johnson teaches a dazzling array of techniques and styles. You'll learn:

  • thumping basics
  • slap
  • pop style
  • slides
  • octaves
  • pop and jazz grooves
  • triplet tricks
  • session-practice tips
  • and much more