Bert Konowitz

Teach yourself to play Blues

Everything You need to know to start playing tne Blues now!

für: Klavier [Keyboard]

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Autor/KomponistBert Konowitz
Umfang80 Seiten
Verlag/HerstellerAlfred Music
Hersteller-Nr.ALF 14098
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Learn to play the blues at the keyboard and open up a brand new world of musical knowledge with this exciting method from Alfred. Students of all ages can continue their journey to a lifetime of musical enjoyment. By following the step-by-step set of instructions, you will learn all about blue notes, blues scales, blues progressions, grace notes, and tremolos. This will prepare you to perform as a soloist or in a band. With its chord symbols, mini-music lessons and scales, this book will have you jamming right from the beginning! It also features a chord dictionary for easy reference during and after your lessons.

Be your own teacher, and let Alfred be your resource every step of the way.