Tom Kubis

One More

Style: Shuffle/Hip-Hop
Kendor Jazz Journey Series

für: Jazzensemble

Partitur, Stimmen

Autor/KomponistTom Kubis
Verlag/HerstellerKendor Music
Hersteller-Nr.KN 61585
64,60 €
Lieferzeit: 4–6 Wochen
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Shifting between shuffle and hip-hop feels and groovin' hard from start to finish, this exciting closer for advancing groups is recorded on the Tom Kubis album Live And Unleashed.

Dense ensemble passages, well articulated swing figures, sax and brass solis, an open ad lib solo section for alto saxophone, trumpet and/or trombone, and a really big finish are highlights. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included in each set.