James Longworth, Nick Walker

Guitar Basics Repertoire

Guitar Basics Repertoire Tab (Book/CD)
Guitar teaching (classical)

für: Akustische Gitarre

Notenbuch (mit Tabs), Playback-CD

Autor/KomponistJames Longworth, Nick Walker
Schwierigkeitsehr leichtleicht
Umfang32 Seiten
Verlag/HerstellerFaber Music
12,95 €
Lieferzeit: 2–3 Arbeitstage (Deutschland )
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Containing over 40 pieces, Guitar Basics Repertoire offers a rich and varied mixture of folk songs from around the world ("Aura Lee" and "Sakura"), classical tunes ("March of the Kings" and "Minuet in G"), popular film music (themes from Pirates of the Caribbean and the Harry Potter movies), evocative originals ("Falling Leaves," "Havana Goodtime," "Samurai Sword," "Tudor Dance"), and established guitar repertoire by Sor and Carulli.Designed to consolidate areas of study covered in Guitar Basics and present new topics in the fun-but-clear style of that popular method book, Guitar Basics Repertoire introduces accidentals, moving up the neck, two-part music, arpeggios and plucked chords, as well as fun extended techniques that even a beginner can master. Guitar Basics Repertoire contains both solo and ensemble pieces, and backing tracks are available online for download. It's the perfect companion to Guitar Basics.

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