Richard Lowell

Jazz Duets

Etudes for phrasing and articulation

für: Melodieinstrument (C/B/Es)


Autor/KomponistRichard Lowell
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Verlag/HerstellerHal Leonard
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Learn to play with jazz phrasing and articulation. These 27 duets are in jazz and jazz-influenced styles such as swing, bebop, funk,samba, and others. They are appropriate for performance by any melodic instruments.

The duets feature independent contrapuntal lines, and practicing them will give you intimate insight into how these constructs sound and can be used to create a wide variety of colors. You will improve your ear, sense of timing, phrasing,and your facility in bringing theoretical principles into musical expression.

You will learn to use:

  • jazz staccato and legato articulations, and how they differ from similar symbols in classical practice

  • a wide variety of scales, modes, harmonies, and other structures.

  • various meters and ways of interpreting them and their beat organizations and subdivisions

  • phrasing within and between measures

  • swing feel