Tony Osborne (19222009)

A jungle jamboree

23 graded pieces for unaccompanied double bass

für: Kontrabass


Autor/KomponistTony Osborne
Schwierigkeitsehr leichtmittel
Verlag/HerstellerRecital Music
Hersteller-Nr.RECITAL 316
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23 short unaccompanied pieces for the beginner bassist composed by one of the leading composers writing for the double bass today. Lively, melodic and rhythmic these can be used to supplement other beginner repertoire, also covering a number of easy keys. The catchy titles are aimed at the younger bassist and the pieces can also be used for technical or sight-reading practice. Beginner scales and arpeggios are included.

"...a delightful collection of short, simple tunes guaranteed to set the bass student on a sure path." [Australian String Teacher's Association]

A Trunk Call is set for Trinity-Guildhall Initial Grade examination.

Antelope Antics (No.6) and Big Foot Stomp (No.9) have been selected for Level 1; The Half-Hearted Hippo (No.13), The High-Living Hippo (No.15) and The Waterhole Walk (No.16) have been selected for Level 2; and Jungle Japes (No.17), The Crocodile Crawl (No.18) and Parrot Pyrotechnics (No.20) have been selected for Level 3 by MTB Exams (

Performance Level: Beginner;1;2;3

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