James Rae (*1957)

Introducing the Saxophone

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für: Altsaxophon [Tenorsaxophon]

Lehrbuch (mit Noten), Playback-CD

Autor/KomponistJames Rae
Umfang72 Seiten; 23 × 31 cm
Verlag/HerstellerUniversal Edition
Hersteller-Nr.UE 17390
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"James Rae's Method for Saxophone" was the first educational work of its kind, which introduces material in popular styles even for beginners and yet allows a tonal and musical education and development according to traditional standards. In order to supplement and continue this school and to introduce the saxophonist to ensemble playing, Rae published three volumes dedicated to duo, trio and quartet playing (UE 21359, UE 21360, UE 21361).

The author pays special attention to rhythm, precise playing and the right "feeling". New problems are easy to solve when playing together and musical team spirit develops. Helpful tips and tricks from the experienced professional saxophonist round off this unique package.

Contains 25 advanced exercises, popular original duets, well-known duets with chord symbols for keyboard and guitar accompaniment, theoretical studies and exercises.

The CD is only playable with alto saxophone!

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  • Description of the Instrument
  • Assembling the Instrument
  • The Embouchure and Producing the First Sounds
  • The Language of Music
  • Practice
  • Lesson One: The First Note - B
  • Lesson Two: New Note - A
  • Lesson Three: New Note - G
  • Lesson Four: New Note - C
  • Lesson Five: Slurs
  • Lesson Six: New Note - D; Using the Octave Key
  • Lesson Seven: New Note - E
  • Lesson Eight: New Note - F#
  • Lesson Nine: New Note - C#
  • Lesson Ten: Quavers
  • Lesson Eleven: New Notes - F und Bb
  • Lesson Twelve: New NOtes - G, A, B and C
  • Lesson Thirteen: New Note - F#
  • Lesson Fourteen: New Notes - Low E, D and C
  • Lesson Fifteen: New Notes - C# and D
  • Lesson sixteen: New Note - G#
  • Lesson Seventeen: New Note - D#, Compound Time
  • Lesson Eighteen: New Notes - Low Bb, Eb and Top Bb
  • Lesson Nineteen: New Note - Low B; Semiquavers; Staccato
  • Lesson Twenty: New Note - Low C#; Triplets
  • Lesson Twenty-one: New Note - Top Eb
  • Lesson Twenty-two: New Note - Top E and F
  • Lesson Twenty-three: The Chromatic Scale
  • Lesson Twenty-four: Trills, Acciaccaturas and Mordents
  • Lesson Twenty-five: Swing Quavers
  • A Glossary of Common Musical Terms
  • Popular Melodies in Duet Form
  • Fingering Chart