Diez Eichler (*1965)

Basso Continuo – An Introduction

Based on historical sources

för: orgel [cembalo]

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Författare/kompositörDiez Eichler
Språktyska, engelska
Omfattning84 sidor; 21 × 29,7 cm
Förlag/TillverkareBreitkopf & Härtel
Tillverkarens nr.BV 453
24,90 €
Leveranstid: 2–3 arbetsdagar (Tyskland )
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The thoroughbass was the basis of composed music for an entire music-history period. To anyone starting to deal with the music of the “continuo age” in terms of study and practice today, the new thoroughbass textbook Basso Continuo offers the ideal introduction. Its author is the harpsichordist Diez Eichler, who exclusively uses material from original sources for his basic course. Besides many transcribed musical examples, this course also includes excerpts from historical thoroughbass tutorials, introduced by the author and discussed against the background of modern systems. An exercise book with unrealized bass lines is enclosed in the edition.