Rossa Laszlo + Szilvay Geza


Violin Duos Vol. III
32 Duos für 2 Violinen

för: 2 violiner


Författare/kompositörRossa Laszlo + Szilvay Geza
Redaktör László Rossa / Géza Szilvay
Omfattning80 sidor; 21 × 29,5 cm
Förlag/TillverkareFennica Gehrman
Tillverkarens nr.F 305
27,95 €
I lager. Leveranstid: 1–2 arbetsdagar (Tyskland )
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Aus dem Vorwort:

The duos in this third volume were designed to be taught in conjunction with the Colourstrings Tutor that introduces and teaches all the finger patterns of the left hand in the first position. They use and link the new finger pattern in enjoyable repertoire of high musical and artistic merit.

It is recommended that the child play the first violin as this uses the new finger pattern. The more demanding second violin part should be played by the teacher or a more advanced pupil. The duos can also be practised and performed by violin groups.

Helsinki 2000 - Geza Szilvay


  • Perpetum mobile I
  • Perpetum mobile II
  • Song in the Rain
  • Irish Song and Scottish Dance
  • Evening Song
  • Mountain Lake
  • Brother John
  • Ostinato
  • Austrian Dance
  • Arabesque
  • Waltz
  • Volga
  • Hommage à Endre Szervánszky
  • Gavotte
  • Maiden
  • Beyond the Carpathians
  • Soldier's Lament
  • Little Suite
  • Oriental
  • Pipers
  • My Dear Eva
  • Devil's Dance
  • Oh Salzkammergut
  • Hymn
  • Bride Song
  • Adios mi Chaparita
  • Black and White
  • Ballad
  • Dorian Melody
  • Phrygian Melody
  • Lydian Melody
  • Mixolydian Melody