Kees Vlak (19382014)

Kilkenny Rhapsody


An Irish Rhapsody

för: symfonisk blåsorkester

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Författare/kompositörKees Vlak
Mått21 × 29,5 cm
Varaktighet 9:22 minuter
Förlag/TillverkareMusikverlag RUNDEL
Tillverkarens nr.MVSR 2065
89,48 €
Leveranstid: 4–5 arbetsdagar (Tyskland )
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A Rhapsody is defined as a "folkloristically narrative piece". Kees Vlak even goes one step further in his "Kilkenny Rhapsody", because his intention is to grasp the essence of the people and the land and also to implement geographical peculiarities musically.

Ireland is almost a treasure trove for a rhapsodic approach, because besides romantic melodies like "The Foggy Day" or "The Gentle Maiden" the popular dances like Jig, Reel or Hornpipe, often influenced by the sound of the flute and the snare drum, offer wonderful musical possibilities.

From dense fog the "Green Island" rises schematically - "Éire", as the Irish call their beloved homeland. Afterwards songs and dances of unmistakable Celtic origin alternate, which finally lead to an effective climax. The fog comes back: the theme of a dance echoes softly. The "Kilkenny Rhapsody" ends with one of those melancholic Irish sages, as they are at home in the quaint Irish pubs.


  • The gentle Maiden
  • Single Jig
  • The foggy Dew
  • Hornpipe
  • Irish Jig
  • Epilogo Irish Air