Jan van der Roost (*1956)

I Colori della Gioia

De Haske String Orchestra Series

für: Singstimme (Sopran), Kammerorchester


Autor/KomponistJan van der Roost
Sprachendeutsch, englisch, französisch, niederländisch
Umfang29 Seiten
Verlag/HerstellerDe Haske
Hersteller-Nr.DHP 1185964-180
27,99 €
Lieferzeit: 4–5 Arbeitstage (Deutschland )
auf den Merkzettel


Just like I Shall Love But Thee, this work for soprano and orchestra was originally written for a special occasion: the wedding of one of the composer’s children. The lyrics are from the book Respiro Neve by the internationally renowned art photographer Luca Artioli – who possesses poetic talent as well. The first movement is stately and serene: soprano and orchestra initially alternate in an appealing dialogue, but then gradually blend into a whole.

The contrasting allegro is much more dynamic and cheerful, and it requires a lot from the soloist, especially towards the elaborate finale, where the high register is featured. The conclusion is festive and radiant,partly thanks to the contribution of the piccolo trumpet! The cantabile nature of the Italian language is perfectly suitable for the voice as an instrument: thus, this work is a wonderful addition to the repertoire of every good orchestra that wishes to perform with an excellent soloist!