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Jan Van der Roost (* 1956)


Concert and Contest Collection Brass Band en Fanfare

fürBrass Band
Autor / KomponistJan Van der Roost
Sprachendeutsch, englisch, französisch, niederländisch
Umfang52 Seiten
Verlag / HerstellerDe Haske
Hersteller-Nr.DHP 1125341-130


Since most of the bands competing in the 4th Section of the Dutch National Championships have many young players, this piece is stylistically youthful— especially in the opening and closing sections. An arpeggio pattern appears numerous times in all registers and is the basic musical element of the main melody, alternating with a second theme that has a slightly different melodic character. The middle section is conceived like a chorale, introduced and developed stepwise: firstly with short patterns and gradually in increasingly long snippets, until it’s played in its glorious entirety at measure 216. No real solo passages are included but rather small chambercombinations, thus offering the opportunity to various players to display their technical and performance skills. The finale recaptures musical material from the first section of the piece and provides a majestic conclusion.

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