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40 Ausgewählte Etüden

HerausgeberFranco Cesarini
Sprachendeutsch, englisch, italienisch
Verlag/HerstellerEdition Franco Cesarini
Hersteller-Nr.EFC 016-B


Franco Cesarini has selected 40 studies with a level of difficulty from easy to medium, taken from 12 different collections by 6 composers. He wanted to choose the most “musical” studies which, in addition to practicing technical skills, would contribute to developing the musicality of young flutists.

As a young man beginning his musical education, Cesarini did not like studies that presented repetitive and mechanical patterns, for he had to practice these aspects with daily technical exercises, scales, arpeggios etc. His favorite studies were those with the most musical content, and these are the ones he has selected for this collection.

The studies have been completely revised: all articulations, dynamics and breath markings have been corrected. In some cases where there were obvious errors in the old editions, Cesarini has also changed certain notes. All these parameters have been modified to gain better results while practicing. The studies have been arranged in progressive order, so as to accompany the flutist in their technical and musical progress.

Cesarini believes that with this collection to have contributed to a more pleasant and musical study of these "classics" of flute teaching. These studies are excellent also for more advanced flutists, for them to use to further improve their sight reading.

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