Peter Wastall (19322003)

Learn as you play saxophone


für: Saxophon


Autor/KomponistPeter Wastall
Umfang64 Seiten; 22 × 27,5 cm
Verlag/HerstellerBoosey & Hawkes
Hersteller-Nr.BH 2400022
15,00 €
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“Learn as you play” is the award winning series of tutor books for woodwind and brass instruments from Boosey & Hawkes. Written by Peter Wastall, a widely respected and experienced teacher, each book takes the student from the very beginning right through to the standard required for Grade 3 examination.The “Learn as you play” method is simple to understand and easy to use. Each book is divided into units that provide clear explanations of each new stage of learning. Plentiful exercises are included, along with Concert Pieces, many of which have been set for examinations.This up-to-date edition has been newly revised to take account of the latest developments in instrumental teaching and examination courses.“Learn as you play” provides the complete guide for the beginner. It is the ideal introduction to the joys of playing a musical instrument.


  • A Little Piece (Diabelli)
  • A Little Piece (Gurlitt)
  • A Syncopated Duet (Garnier)
  • Air (Gretry)
  • Allemande (trad)
  • Andante (Diabelli)
  • Andante (Gurlitt)
  • Andante (Schubert)
  • Aylesford's Piece (Handel)
  • Brazilian Beat (Wastall/Hyde)
  • Capricorn Cocktail (Wastall/Hyde)
  • Caribbean Capers (Wastall/Hyde)
  • Carol (Finzi)
  • Chanson De Nuit (trad)
  • Chorale (Bach)
  • Chorale Melody (trad)
  • Chow-Mein Cha-Cha (Wastall)
  • Corumba (Wastall)
  • Dixieland Blues (Menz)
  • Duetto in D Minor (Devienne)
  • Duo (Bortniansky)
  • Duo for Two Equal Saxophones (Kastner)
  • Duo in D Minor (Chedeville)
  • Ecossaise (Beethoven)
  • Ein' Feste Burg (Luther)
  • Ellacombe (trad)
  • Fanfare (Chedeville)
  • Ffigysbren (trad)
  • Folk Song Blues (Kinyon)
  • Gavotte (Chedeville)
  • Granite (Cole)
  • Heroic Song in Phrygian Mode (Cole)
  • Integer Vitae (Flemming)
  • Jamaican Rumba (Benjamin)
  • Jazzetto (Cole)
  • Larghetto (Mozart)
  • Largo (Dvorak)
  • Let's Beguine (Wastall)
  • Lullaby (Schubert)
  • March (Hyde)
  • Marmotte (Beethoven)
  • Menuett (Haydn)
  • Mexican Madness (Wastall)
  • Midnight in Tobago (Wastall)
  • Minuet (Bach)
  • Minuet (Mozart)
  • Minuetto (Hook)
  • On Wings of Song (Medelssohn)
  • Quem Pastored (trad)
  • Romance (Cole)
  • Saint Margarita's Lullaby (trad)
  • Sax-Appeal (Evans)
  • Serenade (Diabelli)
  • Soldier's March (Schumann)
  • Soliloquy (Hyde)
  • Study No.1 (Briard)
  • Study No.2 (Briard)
  • Study No.3 (Briard)
  • Study No.4 (Briard)
  • Suburban Sunday (Cole)
  • Swim, Swan, Swim! (Hyde)
  • The Emperor of Germany's March (Clarke)
  • These Foolish Things (Strachey)
  • Tri-Time (Cowles)
  • Waltz (Schubert)
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