Vincent Youmans

Tea For Two (Cha Cha)

für: Big Band

Partitur, Stimmen

Autor/KomponistVincent Youmans
Verlag/HerstellerLush Life Music
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Following many requests for straigh-ahead, no-nonsense latin charts, we are pleased to bring you Tea For Two as a classic Cha Cha. This version is from the Joe Loss Orchestra, arguably the kings of British ballroom. This particular chart does offer some solo space from Trombone 2, Clarinet (written on the Alto 2 part) and Alto 1. The original 'as recorded' solos are written out in full, though your players can improvise their own if preferred. Brass ranges are very moderate and aside from Alto 2 on Clarinet there are no other sax doubles.

Trumpets 1-4: G5, Eb5, C5, Bb4 Trombones: 1-4: F4, C5 (in solo), Bb3, Gb3