Peter Boonshaft, Robert Sheldon (*1954), Bob Phillips et al.

Sound Innovations 2


for Concert Band
A Revolutionary Method for Early–Intermediate Musicians

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Partitur, CD, DVD

Autor/KomponistPeter Boonshaft, Robert Sheldon, Bob Phillips, Dave Black
Verlag/HerstellerAlfred Music
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"Sound Innovations 2 for Concert Band" continues your student's musical journey by teaching with a complete review of Sound Innovations 1 and a segmented presentation of new concepts while introducing ensemble playing.

Following the unique Sound Innovations organization, the band method contains levels, each of which is divided into several sections that introduces concepts separately, providing benchmarks, assessment, and intermediate goals. The isolation of new concepts helps facilitate the understanding of more advanced material.

Sound Advice sections throughout the Teacher’s Score assist with quick and easy-to-use tips and suggestions. Plenty of practice and performance opportunities are also provided in order to reinforce each lesson.