Corey Christiansen, Jay Farmer

Jazz Scales

für: Kontrabass [E-Bass]

Lehrbuch (mit Noten), online Playback

Autor/KomponistCorey Christiansen, Jay Farmer
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Verlag/HerstellerMel Bay Publications
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This book will give bassists insight into many of the scales used in jazz. Each scale is presented with standard notation, tablature, and fingering patterns for both one octave and two octaves. The book starts with the basic major scales, then delves into the modes (Lydian, Phrygian, etc.), altered scales, bebop scales, pentatonic scales, blues scales, and symmetric scales (diminished scales, whole-tone scales, and chromatic scales).

If you are not familiar with these terms, don't fear: they are explained clearly in the book. Along the way, the authors offer advice and exercises to help you use the scales in improvisation. While not going into great depth or giving numerous examplesfor each scale, this book will give the bassist a thorough understanding of the wide variety of scales available for improvising. Plan to spend some time practicing and working out your own patterns once you have mastered the ones in the book. The scale fingerings presented are applicable to both electric and upright bass.

Recordings of the chord progressions and etudes have been provided so the student can hear how these scales may be used in real life situations. Another useful feature of the book is a glossary of chord symbols. Clear enough for a beginner working slowly, there is also plenty of material here to keep an intermediate player busy. Audio download available online.

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