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Tom Collier

Jazz Improvisation Course

A Course in Improvising, Sight-Reading and Ear Training

Compact Disc 1 Track 2

Compact Disc 2 Track 2

Compact Disc 3 Track 2

fürSingstimme [Melodieinstrument]
AusgabeLehrbuch (mit Noten), 4 CDs
Autor / KomponistTom Collier
Umfang80 Seiten; 23 × 30,5 cm
Verlag / HerstellerMMO Music Minus One


This absolutely unique and amazing self-learning course will give you all you need to master the art of Jazz Improvisation. Five compact discs filled with instruction and musical exercises, with a printed workbook for your musical dictation answers, as well as a complete reference and answers book. Serves as a companion to MMO’s Rutgers Music Dictation Course (MMOCD 7001), is a perfect prerequisite to this course. Requires a basic knowledge of scales and music notation. Includes five compact discs featuring verbal instruction, examples and dictation exercises, a pre-printed workbook and a separatereference and answers book.

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