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David Craig

A Performer prepares

A Guide to Song Preparation for Actors, Singers and Dancers

AusgabeBuch (Softcover)
Autor / KomponistDavid Craig
Umfang312 Seiten; 13,3 × 20,2 cm
Verlag / HerstellerHal Leonard


A Performer Prepares is a 13-part master class on how to perform on any stage from bleak rehearsal room to the Palace Theatre. The class covers the basic Broadway song numbers, from show ballad to showstopper. With precise,logical steps and dynamic and entertaining dialogues between himself and his students, David Craig takes anyone with the desire to shine from an audition to final curtain call. These lessons on the pages recreate as closely aspossible the unique interpersonal dyamic of Craig's legendary coaching encounters in New York, Los Angeles and across the country.

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