Greg Horne, Stacy Phillips

The Multi-Instrumental Guitarist

The Acoustic Musician's Guide to Versatility

für: Mandoline [Banjo/Ukulele/Dulcimer/Dobro]

Lehrbuch (mit Noten und Tabs), Demo-CD

Autor/KomponistGreg Horne, Stacy Phillips
Umfang96 Seiten; 22,5 × 30 cm
Verlag/HerstellerAlfred Music
Hersteller-Nr.ALF 21901
24,95 €
Lieferzeit: 1–2 Wochen.
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Greg Horne, the best-selling author of the Complete Acoustic Guitar Method, and Stacy Phillips, one of the world's foremost DOBRO® performers and educators, have teamed up to create the ultimate resource for acoustic guitarists ready to step up to a new level of musicianship. Become an in-demand acoustic musician by learning to play mandolin, ukulele, lap dulcimer, Dobro, and several kinds of banjo. This book covers the tunings, techniques and styles you need to know to become a true multi-instrumentalist. Written in an easy-to-understand and friendly style, The Multi-Instrumental Guitarist is your guide to a new world of music making.

Includes lessons on:

  • Mandolin and octave mandolin
  • Tenor banjo
  • Clawhammer and three-finger banjo techniques
  • Ukulele and baritone uke
  • Lap dulcimer
  • Resophonic slide guitar (DOBRO)