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Spiridionis a Monte Carmelo (1615 – 1685)

Nova Instructio pars 1 e 2

pro pulsandis organis, spinettis, manuchordis etc.
Spiridionis a Monte Carmelo
Tastata – Opere d'intavolatuta d'organo e cimbalo

fürOrgel [Cembalo]
AusgabeLehrbuch (mit Noten)
Autor / KomponistSpiridionis a Monte Carmelo
HerausgeberEdoardo Bellotti
Sprachendeutsch, lateinisch
Umfang119 Seiten; 21 × 30 cm
Verlag / HerstellerIl Levante Libreria
Hersteller-Nr.TA 11


The attention to the work of Spiridione is the result of a renewed interest in the practice of organ improvisation and more in general, in the didactic methods and pedagogic criteria that formed the basis of the theoretical and practical education of an organist.

The present volume dedicated to the method of the German monk wishes to provide a valuable historic source not only to those who cultivate a specific interest in this field but also to students and church organists who may find useful ideas therein relative to their studies and activity.

We would like to underline the fact that the musical education of Spiridione took a decisive turn in the years of his sojourn in Rome from 1643 to 1655

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