Christoph Wolff (* 1940)

Johann Sebastian Bach

The Learned Musician

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AusgabeBuch (Softcover)
Autor / KomponistChristoph Wolff
Umfang640 Seiten; 15,6 × 23,4 cm
Verlag / HerstellerOxford University Press
Hersteller-Nr.OUP 9780199248841


Although we are acquainted with the music of J. S. Bach through countless performances and recordings, the composer himself continues to come across as the somewhat enigmatic figure depicted in a single, familiar portrait. Published in 2000 to mark the 250th anniversary of Bach's death, author and leading Bach scholar Christoph Wolff presents a new picture that brings to life this towering figure of the Baroque era.

Now available in paperback, this engaging biography portrays Bach as the living, breathing—and sometimes imperfect—human being that he was, while bringing to bear all the advances gained in the last half-century of Bach scholarship. Wolff demonstrates the intimate connection between the composer's life and his music, showing how Bach's superb inventiveness pervaded his career as a musician, composer, performer, scholar, and teacher. And throughout, we see Bach in the broader context of his time: its institutions, traditions, and influences. With this highly readable book, Wolff sets a new standard in Bach biography.


  • List of Illustrations
  • Preface
  • Prologue: Bach and the Notion of "Musical Science"
  • :Springs of Musical Talent and Lifelong Influences: Eisenach, 1685-1695
  • :Laying the Foundation: Ohrdruff, 1695-1700
  • :Bypassing a Musical Apprenticeship: From Lüneberg to Weimar, 1700-1703
  • :Building a Reputation: Organist in Arnstadt and Mühlhausen, 1703-1708
  • :Exploring "Every Possible Artistry": Court Organist and Cammer Musicus in Weimar, 1708-1714
  • :Expanding Musical Horizons: Concertmaster in Weimar, 1714-1717
  • :Pursuing "the Musical Contest for Superiority": Capellmeister in Cöthen, 1717-1723
  • :Redefining a Venerable Office: Cantor and Music Director in Leipzig—-The 1720s
  • :Musician and Scholar: Counterpoint of Practice and Theory
  • :Traversing Conventional Boundaries: Special Engagements—-The 1730s
  • :A Singing Bird and Carnations for the Lady of the House: Domestic and Professional Life
  • :Contemplating Past, Present, and Future: The Final Decade—-The 1740s
  • Epilogue: Bach and the idea of "Musical Perfection"
  • Notes
  • Music Examples
  • Appendices:
  • :Chronology
  • :Places of Bach's Activities
  • :Money and Living Costs in Bach's Time
  • :The Lutheran Church Calendar
  • Bibliography
  • Genre Index of Bach's Works
  • Title Index of Bach's Works
  • General Index
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